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Complete school management in a surprisingly intuitive interface

Genius Class is a cloud based online school management software designed to manage online and virtual schools. It tracks student information, enrollments, staff, academic performance, communications, reporting and much more. It also offers a student portal so that students can request courses, change their information, track their progress and access course information.

Genius Class automates many repetitive tasks - it sends dynamic emails to students who match a filter, it generates transcripts, reports on student activity, enrolls students in the appropriate sections of a course, and more. Genius Class SIS is a cloud-based web-based application so a web-browser is all you need.

Genius Class SIS has a comprehensive cloud-based database where all data is secure and can be configured so that different users have access to different data and functionality. It also interfaces with external applications, such as Content Management System and Payment Services, to provide a seamless and complete suite for online schools.

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Image   Online Admissions

Students create their own account and submit an application to the school, which goes through a customizable approval process until it is accepted.

Image   Self-Pacing

Rolling enrollment allows students to have different start dates for their enrollments. Pacing may be defined based on the enrollment level to track student progress.

Image   Student Portal

Students can request courses, track their academic progress, view calendar events, access their courses and make payments using their portal.

Image   Student Management

Genius Class tracks student information such as personal information, transcript history, communication history, course requests and general ledger.

Image   Powerful Reporting

There are more than 30 existing reports, including completion reports, and users can create and save new reports using a powerful report builder.

Image   Branding and Access

Genius Class can be used by multiple schools or programs under a main entity, with each sub-division having its own branding and access to their data and their students.


Application Integration

Data is kept synchronized across platforms

Genius Class offers a comprehensive API that lets external applications interface with the database. Administrators can also "bulk upload" csv files to create courses, students and sections. Additionally, Genius Class can be integrated with more than 25 Learning Management Systems, so that double-entry is eliminated and both systems have access to the same synchronized data.

Genius Class can also be integrated to external payment systems such as PayPal ® and Authorize.Net ®.

Flexible Email and Reporting

Authorized users can create their own emails and reports.

Teachers and other staff members often need to use email templates when communicating with students, so Genius Class lets users dynamically create, edit and use templates in an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Genius Class fully supports HTML templates.

Users can also create their own customized reports using a powerful report builder so that data that needs to be constantly reported on are available with a few clicks.


Security and Access

Administrators can configure access levels and audit changes

The system administrator can easily configure Genius Class so that only certain users have access to specific pages. For instance, the administrator can specify that only the Finance Director has access to the student financial information, or that only admission reps can view applications.

Access and changes to the database are tracked and logged, and Genius Class uses SSL encryption to ensure data is kept safe.

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